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DSA Committee

Committee meetings are open to every member and your opinion and vote matter just as much in decision making, no matter if you’re a first-time observer or a committee member.

DSA Chair: Sophie Shaw

Hometown: London, UK
Year: Second
Email: ss613

DSA Treasurer: Jason Rose

Hometown: Swadlincote, UK
Year: Second
Email: jr543
Hometown: Nicosia, Cyprus
Year: Third
Email: zh505

DSA Dave Marxbanx Officer: Chris Swann

Hometown: Wokingham, UK
Year: Fourth
Email: cs527

* Dave Marxbanx is a ceremonial position in honour of the founder of the society. Dave will be looked to reverently as the opiate of the society, except for when things go wrong, when he shall be blamed as the source of all our woes and called a filthy splitter. Dave must be bearded whenever possible.

DSA Ordinary Officer: Adam Wollman

Hometown: Edinburgh, UK
Year: Fourth
Email: ajmw500

DSA Ordinary Officer: Akmal D

Year: Third
Email: ad547
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